What is Rally-O? It’s a race course of fun obedience exercises that dog and handler perform together in a ring! It’s for fun or it’s for competition.

I got my feet wet with my first competitive canine, BRINA!!, back in 2008 becoming a competitor, supporter and event host. I wanted to connect with her, reel her in and try something new. When we rally we have fun, we practice our skills, we come together with fellow dog owners and we can’t get enough!

Still no idea if this might be right for you? Well, it is! No pressure, but give it a try and see why we love it!

How It Works
What to Expect
Basic Rally
Intermediate Rally
High Level Rally
The Big Time

Three Stages

I will offer 3 levels of rally classes, essentially ‘basic’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ and we will be covering the exercises from 3 different rally venues: AKC, UKC and World Cynosport.

Each venue is divided into 3 levels with the course exercises gradually becoming a bit more challenging as you move up through the levels. The first level, called ‘Novice’ or ‘Level One’ is always on-leash. ‘Level Two & Three’ or ‘Advanced & Excellent’ are performed off-leash and at times the dog will be required to work at a distance from the handler.

In the sport of Rally Obedience, dog and handler will enter a ring and step onto a numbered course to be completed within an allotted period of time. Much like agility, dog and handler move from station to station, but instead of jumps and tunnels and obstacles, they are to perform specified obedience ‘exercises’ as shown on each station sign. A judge scores the performance of each exercise according to that venues regulations.

Let’s Get Started

Through this first level we will discuss basic course design, we will introduce heel position, position transitions, fronts and finishes, while also covering a few of the important rules of the game.

Building Your Skills

The second level will cover more advanced exercise stations while focusing on off-leash obedience and developing the dogs ability to work at a distance from handler.


The third level will round out the rally discussion through the introduction of the higher level exercises and by providing guidance to troubleshoot course performance.

Fun In Competition

Competition is completely optional. As a young handler my intent was to improve my dogs obedience and manners, rally was the trick for us! This sport is geared towards proofing everything you’ve ever taught your dog in a fun and rewarding environment. Many students choose to compete, others just enjoy the practice opportunity, there is no pressure to ever enter a competition!