Behavior Screening




Are you experiencing a reactive dog?

We understand it can be difficult to admit a pup may be reactive, but it’s important to address and make sure your dog gets put in the best place to succeed. Reactive behavior can look like barking, lunging, over-excitement, fear and/or aggression. If you’ve experienced any of these, our Behavior Modification Program is setup to support you and your pup.


For All Ages and Stages

Our group sessions are a great way for your puppy, adolescent or adult dog to learn important life skills such as obedience, manners, proper social etiquette and problem-solving in a fun and positive environment. Join us for a group training session and see how much your pup can learn while having a great time with other dogs and owners.

8 - 16 weeks
Adolescent Group – Coming Soon
16 - 20 weeks

Puppies enter adolescence anywhere between 6 and 12 months of age and remain in this phase through 18 to 24 months. During this time dogs experience an increased desire to explore their environment and the people within it, powered by surges of hormonal changes and continued brain development.

Adolescent dogs exhibit behavioral tendencies similar to that of pre-teen children. We may see this as an act of rebellion as they begin to refuse obedience cues, elevating our need for household management and consistent training. Remaining the calm, benevolent leaders that you are, you will learn through this course how to recollect your adolescent puppy, regain their focus and preserve successful progression in your lifelong journey together.

In the grand scheme, adolescence doesn’t last long, although it may feel as if time moves a little slower. Truly, with proper socialization, management and training, adolescence spans from the time your sweet and innocent puppy starts pushing the boundaries and ends as they settle into their role, as the well-adjusted family dog.

Adult Obedience Groups
Level 1 - 4 • 16wks+
Whether you’ve attended our Puppy and Adolescent classes or you have a dog that has yet to begin, provided he or she is at least 16 weeks of age, you are welcome to enter into our Levels Training. This program consists of four independent 6 week courses that will guide you and your dog from introduction to mastery, beginning with the obedience basics and leading you step by step towards a National Certificate and opening the doors to a world of opportunity. Generally Level 1 is the place to begin regardless of your previous training as each set of six classes is designed to build upon the previous set. See more about our levels below.

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What is Rally-O? It’s a race course of fun obedience exercises that dog and handler perform together in a ring! It’s for fun or it’s for competition.

I got my feet wet with my first competitive canine, BRINA!!, back in 2008 becoming a competitor, supporter and event host. I wanted to connect with her, reel her in and try something new. When we rally we have fun, we practice our skills, we come together with fellow dog owners and we can’t get enough!

Still no idea if this might be right for you? Well, it is! No pressure, but give it a try and see why we love it!

More About Rally-O

Private Sessions

Oftentimes scheduling time to commit to a training course can be a feat of its own, so we offer flexible private options. These one-on-one sessions are particularly helpful when a client has a small handful of particular behaviors to address or when a significant behavior or circumstance prevents the dog and owner from attending a group class.

Because client needs and circumstances are sometimes variable, a suitable alternative to one-on-one training is a semi-private option. Bring a friend (or a few) along to share the time and split the cost.

More often than you may imagine, there are dog owners experiencing very similar behavioral challenges or scheduling conflicts. To accommodate this need, we frequently are able to pull together a small group from our wait-lists.

Additionally, there are also times throughout one-on-one lessons that the training reaches a point where having a few extra dog and handler teams added to the environment may be advantageous. When this occurs, we call upon other clients (active and former) to lend a paw (or four).

We recognize how challenging life can be, so our goal is to simplify what we can through providing flexible options. If you are unsure of where to begin, contact us!

  • Private Training: $100/hour in-studio
  • Semi-Private: Split the hourly cost by the number of participants


Education is of paramount importance for families with dogs. By actively engaging in educational endeavors, such as training programs and informational resources, families can enhance their understanding and proficiency in dog care. Through education, Blue Fawn Maine families gain invaluable insights into dog behavior, training techniques, and proper nutrition, ensuring the optimal well-being of their cherished companions.

Ring Rentals

Our lovely 40×50 indoor ring is available to the public at an hourly or daily rate, Whether you have an upcoming trial and you need to get ring ready or your Club has a small event to host, Blue Fawn’s facility is an option you’ll want to consider.

Ring Rentals must be pre-approved. Please contact us for scheduling. 


Blue Fawn recognizes the wealth of information available in our area and beyond, so we invite dog professionals to present on a wide range of topics from canine health and nutrition, alternative and holistic therapies to a variety of fitness games and activities. We aim to provide these workshops on a regular basis to make it easy for attendees to set aside the time in advance.

If you are a professional looking for a space to share your area of expertise, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the opportunity to reach dog owners In our area.


Shannan is a certified evaluator through the AKC Family Dog program, which provides certification opportunities for dogs and handlers that have worked hard to improve obedience and manners. AKC S.T.A.R Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine and Urban Canine are the four certificates you can earn if you pass each test. Regular testing events are held for both our clients and non-clients. The Blue Fawn Core Program is geared towards providing the skills required to ace these tests.

Additionally, Shannan is a Provisional Tester with the American Temperament Test Society and Blue Fawn will be working directly with ATTS to host these tests annually. For more information on ATTS and the test items:

The World of Sports

Now that you’ve got an eager, educated and reliable dog it’s time to broaden their world through the seemingly endless realm of dog sports and activities! Blue Fawn will be picking up where Finish Forward Dogs left off and we look forward to bringing World CynoSport Rally and Companion Dog Sports Program back to Southern Maine! These two competitive venues are fantastic and if you don’t know yet that you’ll fall in love with the sports of rally and competition obedience, you will once you give them a try!

As Blue Fawn Maine gets cranking, we will continuously roll out new offerings to provide our community with fun ways to keep your dog active, entertained and engaged. Additional opportunities exist for the sport of Weight Pull and the concentration of K9 Fitness Training. Check back often as updates will be posted as we are ready to roll out new programs.

From Trainee to Trainer

I have found that as dogs and their humans progress through the Levels of manners training they often develop a knack for teaching and a desire to move into dog sports for either competition or fun. I have developed endless programs to accommodate almost every request and admired countless teams as they venture on to achieve bigger things.