Behavior Screening

The basis for a pre-screening is to figure out if your dog can begin in a group setting or if a provate session makes more sense. If you feel unsure as to where your dog should begin or if your dog has a tendency of agression, you may fill out the pre-screening form below. Shannan will review your answers and contact you to let you know where your dogs best starting point will be. You will receive either a link to schedule a private session or a link to register for the the next appropriate group class.


Welcome to BMOD

The Key Word for this Program is Autonomy – our goal with this is to help the dog think independently good thoughts’ and make wise choices without me breathing down their collar, so self-governing works, where they also learn to self-regulate their inner emotional state to stay below threshold.

It’s easy enough to suppress unwanted behavior, but the fallout is not only not worth the risk, but it is devastating for the relationship you share with your dog. A dog that is taught (or forced) to suppress an emotion is a ticking time-bomb with an explosion that has dire consequences. An effective Behavior Modification Program recognizes this and aims to provide clarity all the way across the board.

The Goals

Reactivity, fear and aggression are best addressed from the inside out, so our Behavior Modification Program (BMOD) begins with the ‘why’ beneath the behavior. You don’t need to be an expert at reading and interpreting your dog’s behavior or acknowledging their emotional state to start making changes that will reduce your dog’s over the top behavior – that’s my job. But! By the end of this program you will have a far greater grasp on the root cause of your dog’s outbursts and how they tick. Your dog will be far more able to cope with not only the world around them, but their own internal environment.


Behavior Modification Program

The expanded BMOD program is rolling out soon! We can get you started now with a consultation.

Step 1
Assess Behavior
Step 2
Private Sessions
Step 3

A Place to Begin

If you are already aware your dog has agressive tendencies towards dogs or humans, you can begin by scheduling a Private Session.  If you are unsure if your dog would be ready for a group setting based on other reactive behavors (barking, lunging, over-excitement,) please fill out the Behavior Screening Form. Shannan will send you a link to what the best class is. 

Next Phase

Step Two is accomplished through Private Lessons in which we will teach you what you need to know about your dog’s body language and the simple things you as a owner/handler can do to alleviate their distress.

These one-on-one sessions are particularly helpful when a client has a small handful of particular behaviors to address or when a significant behavior or circumstance prevents the dog and owner from attending a group class.

Additionally, there are also times throughout one-on-one lessons that the training reaches a point where having a few extra dog and handler teams added to the environment may be advantageous. When this occurs, we call upon other clients (active and former) to lend a paw (or four).

Main BMOD Program

Upon Instructor Approval, you will ‘graduate’ from the one-on-one phase and move into our Group Sessions. Much like our Core Program, the BMOD Program consists of Levels, each highly defined and progressive.