Be Prepared

From Start to Finish

Upon Arrival

When arriving at the studio, please remember this: from the time you pop your dog out of the car until the time you are back in your car and ready to head home YOU ARE TRAINING! Training your dog is something that must become part of your everyday routine, so please prepare yourself in advance with training equipment (leash, collar) and rewards (food, toys). If you need to leave your dog in your car to drop off your belongings inside of the studio and set up your station, please feel free to do so. You may then return to your vehicle to retrieve your dog and head into the building, fully prepared to use the space between your vehicle and your working station within the studio as an opportunity to practice your skills. There will be patrons bouncing through the parking lot on their way in or out of the neighboring restaurants, so please be mindful in the parking lot of human and vehicle traffic.

Entrance & Exit

Facing the building you will see that we have two glass doors leading into the foyer. The door on the RIGHT (closest to Five Ponds) is the ENTRANCE door. The door on the left (closest to Asian taste is the EXIT door). We have this clearly marked and you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the EXIT door is locked from the inside at all times. Why does this matter? We have dogs and people coming and going all day, the flow is to prevent dogs running into one another in a congested area. Dogs exiting the building have priority, please give every dog ample space to move freely.

What to Bring

  • 5-6 foot leash, leather or nylon
  • Flat buckle collar or martingale, leather or nylon
  • “Bait Bag” (for training treats or kibble)
  • Cup or more of food rewards, the size of a piece of kibble
  • Interactive toy (rope or tug style)
  • Vaccination Record (if not previously submitted)
  • Comfortable footwear (sneakers preferred)
  • Payment if you haven’t (although your spot cannot be confirmed until payment has been made.