BOOST! Daytrain

Age: 8 weeks - 4/6 months
Prerequisite: A large variety of factors come into play when organizing these groupings. Characteristics which make a BOOST! participant eligible and best suited for either the puppy or adult program are as follows: age, size, breed, temperament, social development, play style and the puppy’s individual needs.

Raising a puppy is a full-time job! BOOST! for Puppies is here to make that job a breeze. Drop your puppy off at Blue Fawn for a full day of socialization, training and activity with an experienced, qualified professional and get ahead of the puppy raising challenges.

Class times coming soon!

A Day at BOOST!
for Puppies

Puppy Skills
Obedience & Puppy Behavior

Boost the BOOST
Puppy Boost + AKC S.T.A.R.
Program Deals
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Time and Preparation

What Your Puppy Will Be Up To

Throughout the day your puppy will experience a structured training environment designed to promote good behavior. Your puppy will have the opportunity to socialize, exercise and learn all of the important life skills necessary to confidently navigate the world around them.

Each puppy will have an individually designed training plan to conquer the areas most in need while fulfilling their unique biological needs. Puppy parents will have access to the online Portal filled with useful training handouts, videos, resources and report cards.

Obedience Skills:

We’ll begin the baby basics of Sit, Down, Stand. Stay, Wait (for food, at doorways), Leave it, Get it, Drop it, Loose Leash Walking, Come When Called, Place and Calm on Cue.

Puppy Specific Behaviors:

We will focus on house training/potty training, crate training and curbing the common puppy challenges like biting, nipping, chewing, barking, jumping and more.

Furthermore, your puppies will be gently exposed to common daily living activities (vacuuming and sweeping to name just two) as well as different sights, sounds, smells, surfaces and experiences to develop their confidence and their understanding of the world around them.

Super Puppy

Combine BOOST! for Puppies with bi-weekly AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes to learn how to effectively communicate, take the lead in training, and strengthen the bond you’re developing with your new canine companion.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class through Blue Fawn is offered every Tuesday at 5:30pm and Friday at 6:15pm and with rolling enrollment you and your puppy can join anytime - there’s no wait for a ‘new round’ to begin, you can start as soon as your pup is home and has begun his or her vaccinations.

BOOST! For Puppies

  • BOOST! Drop-in: $125/day non-package daily rate (8 hours)
  • BOOST! Package: $800 Includes 6 Full Day Train Days and bi-weekly Class (save $150)

AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Class (Included in BOOST! Package)

  • 6 weeks (up to 12 class hours)
  • *Attend one or both classes each week, an hour each class over the course of 6 weeks

Drop-off Time

8am-9am/Pick-up: 4pm-5pm *unless other arrangements have been made with Instructor


  • Please arrive during the Drop-Off window with your puppy on leash and collar.
  • Please bring their morning meal, plus daily allotment of training rewards and an interactive toy.
  • Puppies should be hungry and ready to work a little for their breakfast.
  • Enrollment forms must be completed online, which will prompt you to upload vaccination history and make payment.
  • Updates throughout their stay will be uploaded to the Portal and with permission your puppy may be featured on our Facebook Pages.
  • Shannan can be reached via BlueFawn FB messenger or text, although a delay should be anticipated as she will be interacting with puppies all day!