to Blue Fawn Maine Training & Behavior Studio

Our spacious 2400 square foot training area offers ample natural light and fully rubberized flooring, providing a comfortable and safe environment for both you and your dog. Our facilities include two ADA restrooms and a kitchenette, ensuring convenience during your visit. Located on Route 202 in Waterboro, our studio is easy to find and with plenty of on-site parking available, accessing our training center is a breeze.

Blue Fawn Maine is a community, rich with opportunity and support. Regardless of your experience level, the behavioral challenges you may be here to address or your prior training, we welcome you. Our values are rooted in education, not judgment. Come learn to develop your dogs skills through the use of reward-based training, clear, fair, consistent boundaries, benevolent leadership, improved communication and a happy spirit.

A Few Highlights

What Blue Fawn Maine Provides


Blue Fawn Maine offers a comprehensive training program for the family dog and puppy with flexible group, private and semi-private options in the comfortable, controlled environment of our studio. Alternatively, as some circumstances may require training to take place in your home, we are happy to accommodate.


Blue Fawn Maine specializes in behavior modification, providing a thorough and highly tuned in program, based in science and packed with compassion. To assist with challenging behaviors, we will progress through the steps together to achieve peace and improve your dog’s overall wellbeing. Because amending tough behaviors takes time, we provide plenty of on-going support.

Practice & Fun

Blue Fawn Maine helps you bridge the gap from classroom to the real-world! We offer numerous, enjoyable opportunities to practice your newly developed skills and transfer that knowledge to achieve excellence in real-world settings. Our ever-evolving program is consistently lending new options and activities to enhance the process and solidify your success.

Dog Sports

We provide a wide range of fun opportunities to strengthen the connection you share with your dog while encouraging the appropriate use of their natural tendencies, abilities and athleticism. In our spacious, clear span training room they will have plenty of space to play and learn. Perfect for confidence building, developing focus, curing boredom and providing an appropriate outlet for energy, dog sports and games offer endless benefits, essential in creating a well-balanced and fulfilled companion.


Our regularly running workshop series covers a wide range of current canine-specific areas of behavior, health and wellness. Our speakers are local professionals with years of experience and wonderful reputations in the dog community. Take this great opportunity to get a deeper look into topics like raw feeding, alternative therapies, fun doggie activities, common behavioral challenges, preparing for a baby and coping with loss – just to name a few! This series is sure to cover something of interest to you and your family. If you are an area professional and you have a topic you would like to share with the community, please reach out to us as we are always adding to our workshop menu.


Blue Fawn Maine will pick up where FFD (Finish Forward Dogs) left off, welcoming budding trainers to come and learn from our team. As an Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer, Shannan has supported countless mentees, providing guidance, hands-on experience and potential positions on our team.

Main Services

Covering Every Area of Your Pups Growth, Interests, and Activity

Group Sessions

Our group sessions are a great way for your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog to learn important skills such as obedience, socialization, and problem-solving in a fun and positive environment. Join us for a group training session and see how much your pup can learn while having a great time with other dogs and owners.


We offer private one-on-one sessions for those with busy schedules or specific training needs. Our private training sessions are especially helpful for clients who have a small handful of particular behaviors to address or when a significant behavior or circumstance prevents dog and owner from attending a group class.


At Blue Fawn Maine, we believe that participating in dog sports is more than just a fun activity for you and your furry friend. It’s a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, build their confidence, test their skills and provide mental and physical stimulation that can improve their overall well-being. Shannan looks forward to bringing World Cynosport Rally (WCRL) and Companion Dog Sports Program (CDSP) back to Southern Maine!


We know the value of continuing education and strive to provide our clients with access to the latest information on canine health, nutrition, activity and wellness. That’s why we regularly invite dog professionals to present workshops on a wide range of topics, from alternative and holistic therapies to a variety of fitness games and activities.


Online Courses

All of our courses are available on-line via our Client Portal. This option is perfect for when the course you wish to attend is full or when your schedule just won’t allow you to attend. There is no extra charge, class fees are the same as in-studio courses.