Pack Walks

Pack Walks are structured walks led by Shannan. The date, time and location will be provided after enrollment to anyone with clearance to participate will be permitted to request a spot on a first come, first serve basis.

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Once enrolled in either group or private training with Shannan, you and your dog will work to establish a strong foundation of obedience skills. Along the way you will meet checkpoints at which you will receive clearances to participate in advanced training options, one of which are our Pack Walks.

Due to the fact that these walks are designed to provide owners and their dogs with guidance and support while addressing fear, anxiety, and reactivity out in the real world, the number of dogs welcomed week to week is a closely managed, yet variable number. Once our safe limit has been met, we will close the invitation for that week and a final attendance post will be made available.

These walks are your opportunity to extend your training room skills to the real world, while having Shannan present as support and to serve as a buffer between your dog and any dogs, people, bicycles, and distractions we may encounter, so, you need to be doing the necessary work outside of class time and be prepared when you arrive to keep your dog safe and comfortable!

A few of the places we have frequented are: the Eastern Trail, Back Bay, Shaw Park, Falmouth Park, Kennebunk Bridal Path and the Saco Rec fields. Where I am relatively new to this immediate area, I am always open to suggestions – wide trails with room for public dogs and bikers to pass comfortably, less foot traffic and wide open spaces are preferred.

Cost of these walks is $25, they are weather dependent, and a minimum number must be met in order for them to be held. Payment is processed directly through the website. Chances are that once you have reached this stage in training you will have access to Shannan’s cell, so texting will be the best means of communication on the day of the walk.