Are you experiencing a reactive dog?

We understand it can be difficult to admit a pup may be reactive, but it’s important to address and make sure your dog gets put in the best place to succeed. Reactive behavior can look like barking, lunging, over-excitement, fear and/or aggression. If you’ve experienced any of these, our Behavior Modification Program is setup to support you and your pup.

Private Sessions

Oftentimes scheduling time to commit to a training course can be a feat of its own, so we offer flexible private options. These one-on-one sessions are particularly helpful when a client has a small handful of particular behaviors to address or when a significant behavior or circumstance prevents the dog and owner from attending a group class.

Because client needs and circumstances are sometimes variable, a suitable alternative to one-on-one training is a semi-private option. Bring a friend (or a few) along to share the time and split the cost.

More often than you may imagine, there are dog owners experiencing very similar behavioral challenges or scheduling conflicts. To accommodate this need, we frequently are able to pull together a small group from our wait-lists.

Additionally, there are also times throughout one-on-one lessons that the training reaches a point where having a few extra dog and handler teams added to the environment may be advantageous. When this occurs, we call upon other clients (active and former) to lend a paw (or four).

We recognize how challenging life can be, so our goal is to simplify what we can through providing flexible options. If you are unsure of where to begin, contact us!

  • Private Training: $100/hour in-studio
  • Semi-Private: Split the hourly cost by the number of participants