Scent Work with Kathy Valek!

Intro to Canine Scent Sports.

Start Date: Tuesday, November 30th – December 21st 
Time: 7:15 pm
Cost: $135

In this class you will start your dog on a journey of using their nose for fun and games, and as their handler, you will learn to observe their behavior in a way that you never have before. Nose-work games can be a great way to build your dogs confidence, burn up extra energy, or just have FUN. Come and see what all the Nose-work Buzz is about!! Beginner Scent Kits will be provided to all participants.

Kathy has been training and trialing in a variety of dog sports for almost 15 years, but her nosework adventures began in 2013, when she was looking for something new to play with her reactive dog, Buddy, and since then she has studied online and in person with numerous instructors and trialed in multiple venues (NACSW, AKC, USCSS, PSD and Fenzi TEAM) and has been teaching classes and workshops for about 5 years. She is currently competing at the NACSW Elite level with her 4-year-old terrier mix, Cayman.

Kathy believes that the magic of scent work lies in the dog’s intrinsic desire to do it. Unlike most dog sports where the handler is in charge and directing the dog’s actions- in scent work, the dog is calling the shots, and it is the handler’s job to support him and interpret his behavior. This can be a great confidence booster for almost any type of dog, and it creates a wonderful bond between dog and handler. When she isn’t busy with dogs, Kathy is a research scientist working to develop diagnostic test kits for animals and people. She shares her home in Maine with 2 dogs, a cat and her husband- who keeps everyone fed and the house running smoothly, while she’s out playing with the dogs.

Audit the Workshop! Come and watch without your pup.